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23 Jun, 2013
Whilst there is no doubt that you love your little one and would do anything for her/him, sometimes it is not financially possible to do so.  These 5 secrets reveal that you don’t have to put away huge amounts to give your child the best education policy.

Education policy

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26 May, 2013
“I NEED an education policy,” Michelle cried out as soon as she stepped in to my office.

I hugged her and congratulated her on the birth of her son, Dylan.  He is only a few weeks old.

As Michelle adjusted herself in the chair, she began to relate her experience in hospital.  “The pain was unbearable!  I felt as though I was going to die,” she said squeezing her eyes shut.  

27 Apr, 2013
Doctor, engineer, or physicist – wherever destiny takes your child, the one certainty is that money will be needed to help her or him reach their dreams. The best way of making sure that the money is available when needed is by starting to save. And the best time to begin is today. At first, it may seem scary for you to commit to saving monthly. You may be tempted to open a savings account

20 Apr, 2013
Naturally you want to ensure that all bases are covered. You want your child to receive the best education you can provide. In planning for this, the thought may have crossed your mind as to how this would be done should you pass away or be unable to work. Most plans will provide you with the option to include a waiver of premium. This can cover death, disability or both. It simply manes

06 Apr, 2013
Let’s face it… life is hectic. Work is demanding. Despite the conveniences of the modern age – mobile phones, flights, vehicles, etc, you feel constantly under pressure with time. Planning for your child’s education has been on your mind for a while but you just cannot find the time to get done to it. Perhaps there is a part of you that is afraid of committing to paying monthly to

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